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Briggs: This sneakerhead is making huge money by selling rare Air Jordan, Yeezy shoes

Mike Watson is co-owner of Got Sole? boutique in Broad Ripple. But the sneaker resale market has critics. Mike Watson, the owner of Got Sole, a 10-year-old Broad Ripple boutique that's popular among sneakerheads, said he tries to keep collectors away from big releases. "We'll have limited edition shoes, but we're more in business to put shoes on people's feet," Watson said. "We only allow one pair per customer. If we've got 24 pairs of shoes, we'd rather 24 of our customers wear them than one person resell them to our customers for twice the amount. "That's the double-edged sword when it comes to people who call themselves sneakerheads," Watson continued. "Some people appreciate the design of the shoe, the story behind the shoe, and then there's people who could care less. They're just more interested in supply and demand." Watson calls StockX "more hurtful than it is helpful" and considers himself "anti-resellers." The most popular shoes at Got Sole tend to sell for between $130 and $250, Watson said. Collector shoes are seen behind the counter at Grails Inc., in Washington Square Mall, Indianapolis, Wednesday, May 31, 2017.

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